Cloud Servers

Cloud server options

With a cloud solution from UnitSpeed Host you will not be locked into a particular server and you only pay for what is used.

From your control panel you can decide which and how many servers you want to create. You can always add or delete servers and much more.

Prices are per hour and you can freely switch on and off servers as needed. A server which is off does not cost anything, except the disk space you consume.

Cloud server hardware

Cloud servers are running on diskless servers (nodes) from primarily Dell and IBM. This ensures that any downtime on a server does not affect your data. Any breakdown or malfunction will only result in that the servers were active on that node will be automatically started at a new node with free capacity. A crash will therefore only be experienced as a reboot, but without loss of disk data.

Cloud server software

Virtualization allows you to run both Windows and Linux.


The data is placed on the central SAN (Storage Area Networks) based on the Hitachi USP V platform with underlying HDS AMS and IBM DS systems. These systems are monitored and managed by storage specialists, which ensures the highest possible uptime and performance.

Cloud server standard images (OS systems)

To get started easily, UnitSpeed Host offers a series of standard images, which is used as a template when creating a new server via your control panel. Then you quickly up and running.


From the control panel things like IP addresses, firewalls and other network settings can be adjusted. Should you be unfortunate enough to close all of the servers in your firewall, you still have the ability to access them directly through a console window. You have of course also possible to open up again through the control panel.

How to get started

Contact UnitSpeed Host for more information about a cloud solution.

Below prices are examples of a cloud servers. Please contact us for prices on a cloud server and solutions that fit your needs.

Cloud server is available as both Linux and Windows and in different data center locations.

Cloud Server RAM HDD CPU Traffic Basic price / month
Cloud 1 - Linux 0,5 GB 20 GB 1 CPU 10 GB EUR 13
Cloud 2 - Linux 4 GB 20 GB 2 CPU 20 GB EUR 84

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