Dedicated servers

Why choose a dedicated server

There may be various reasons for choosing server hosting also known as dedicated server. You may not wish to invest in expensive operation facilities, handle routine maintenance of hardware or do not want to have the server standing in the company. Server hosting is a alternative which hired a dedicated server.

Dedicated server can be used as

Web servers
DNS servers
Mail servers
File servers
Backup servers
As well as many other things, where the dedicated server ensures the necessary resources.

Freedom with your own dedicated server

Gain flexibility, dedicated resources and freedom with a dedicated server. A dedicated server gives you full control and give you the option to install the components you want. A dedicated server offers increased speed, flexibility, control and the possibility of extensions.

Your server will be placed in our professional operating environments. We are able to offer you a server in our various international data centers around the world.

UnitSpeed Host offer dedicated server prices from approximately EUR 49 a month.

Many customer have different projects and need different solutions. Therefore please contact us with your request and we will try to find the best solution and price for you.

Other server solutions
Cloud VPS Servers
Cloud Servers

Along with a server the following hosting service can be used
Server monitoring
Online Backup