Remote Backup (Online Backup)

Remote backup options

Remote backup also called online backup ensure individuals and companies against data loss. Many individuals and companies have become aware of the importance of having a backup of photos, documents and other files.

With remote backup you can backup computers, laptops or servers. The remote backup system compresses, encrypts and sends the data safely out of the house to our data center backup system.

Remote backup can protect you against fire, theft, viruses, water damage, computer or server crash.

With remote backup you avoid difficult and manual backups on USB keys, external hard drives and CD / DVD media. Remote backup makes it easier to backup.

With remote backup, it is possible to obtain data security and fast re-establishment of data from the backup system by accident of one form or another.

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How remote backup works

To use remote backup you install a small program on the server, PC, etc. With the backup software you easily selected files, folders and drives to be backed up as well as possible time. The backup system compresses and encrypts files before they are transferred to the data center.

Should it be necessary to restore data from the remote backup system it can be done from the backup software and the backup password. This password is used due to encryption of files.

When the remote backup program is installed and defined a backup area, the remote backup system will compress and encrypts it with 128 bit / 256 bit before data'en are transferred to the data center. First time the backup software takes full backup and then saved new and changed files since the last backup run. With the backup software, you can choose how many days you want to save any deleted and changed files.

Remote backup advantages

Advantages of remote backup include:

  • No investment in local backup software and hardware.
  • No manual backup on USB key, external hard drives, etc
  • User-friendly remote backup software system both at installation, setup and restore backup.
  • With remote backup you can backup servers, workstations and laptops.
  • Backup can be taken from a period or manually.
  • The remote backup software is compatible with virtually all operating systems.
  • Select the number of days you want to save any deleted and changed files.
  • More advanced remote backup advantages:
  • Advanced encryption methods.
  • Backing up only new and changed files - called Incremental Backup
  • Open File Backup - called Volume Shadow Copy
  • Backup of the changes in large files since the last backup - called Delta Block Incremental Backup
  • Backup software

    Remote backup software supports multiple operating systems. Remote backup software is compatible with Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, 2003, 2005, 2008, Red Hat Linux, Novell NetWare, Sun Solaris, Apple Mac OS and platforms supporting Java2.

    In addition, the backup software have built agents to backup Microsoft Exchange databases, Microsoft SQL databases, MySQL databases, Oracle databases, Lotus Notes and Lotus Domino databases.

    Try remote backup for free - 30 days

    Want to test remote backup and the software. We offer you to test the backup solution FREE for 30 days.

    Should you have questions about remote backup please feel free to contact us also for the opportunity to test remote backup FREE for 30 days.

    Backup type Price per month
    (3 months)
    Price per month
    (6 months)
    Price per month
    (12 months)
    30 days trial (50MB) US$ 0 - - - - US$ 0
    Backup 1 GB US$ 7.60 US$ 7.20 US$ 7.00 US$ 15
    Backup 2 GB US$ 10.40 US$ 10 US$ 9 US$ 15
    Backup 3 GB US$ 14.60 US$ 14 US$ 13 US$ 15
    Backup 4 GB US$ 19 US$ 18 US$ 17 US$ 15
    Backup 5 GB US$ 21 US$ 20 US$ 19 US$ 15
    Backup 10 GB US$ 29 US$ 28 US$ 27 US$ 15
    Backup 15 GB US$ 37 US$ 36 US$ 35 US$ 15
    Backup 20 GB US$ 45 US$ 43 US$ 42 US$ 15
    Backup 25 GB US$ 53 US$ 52 US$ 50 US$ 15
    Backup 30 GB US$ 61 US$ 59 US$ 58 US$ 15
    Backup 50 GB US$ 79 US$ 76 US$ 74 US$ 15
    Backup 100 GB US$ 105 US$ 102 US$ 99 US$ 15
    Backup 250 GB US$ 155 US$ 150 US$ 146 US$ 15
    Backup 500 GB US$ 301 US$ 292 US$ 283 US$ 15
    Backup 1000 GB US$ 396 US$ 384 US$ 372 US$ 15

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