Hosted Sharepoint

Hosted Sharepoint options

Hosted Sharepoint allows you to create your own workspace with document management and allow for efficient sharing of knowledge. If you already have hosted Exchange with us, you have the opportunity to have Hosted Sharepoint added to your Hosted Exchange solution. This allows the same Exchange login used on Sharepoint.

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A Hosted Exchange Email solution providing company employee the opportunity to send and receive emails, sync contacts and calendar. With a Hosted Exchange Email solution, small businesses can also take advantage of the capabilities of Microsoft Exchange email system at an affordable price.

Hosted Sharepoint makes it possible to assemble and share documents, tasks, and other information of relevance to its staff. With Sharepoint company can avoid sending emails around with records, project information mm. and can gather information in a manageable place.

UnitSpeed Host SharePoint hosting starts at $9.95 with your managed Exchange server account. Plans range from 200 MB of storage and up.

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Hosted Sharepoint includes

UnitSpeed Host SharePoint hosting with Microsoft Exchange includes the following features and pre-configured, ready-to-use components:

Integrated with Hosted Exchange - Your users can access your intranet website using the same usernames and passwords as their Hosted Exchange mailbox. You can block anonymous access to prevent unauthorized visitors.

Document libraries - Upload and store files and documents. Users can create as many document libraries as needed.

Microsoft Office system integration - Employees can collaborate with one another using familiar Office programs ? rather than having to adopt new tools.

Document collaboration - Create document collaboration spaces, where all users have access to the latest revisions. Document changes are tracked and assigned different version numbers. Individual users can reserve documents for updating purposes.

Pre-configured distribution lists - Embedded list functionality allows users to share information. SharePoint Services has several pre-configured, customizable lists, such as Contacts, Events, Announcements and Tasks.

Subscriptions and notifications - Users can subscribe to notification lists for documents or document libraries. These users will receive alerts when materials are updated.

Discussions - Members can create newsgroup style discussions about projects and subjects that effect their work.

Browser-based customization - Within a web browser, edits can be made to personal or public pages. Themes can also be applied using a browser.