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UnitSpeed Host is a leading provider of advanced, independent and remote monitoring services that enable clients to increase the efficiency of their mission-critical e-business operations, and to reduce their risk of failed Internet transactions and loss of revenue. A cost-effective, easy-to-use monitoring services is available to meet every need and every budget.

UnitSpeed Host can monitor your website & servers from a global monitoring network not just to make sure they are UP but also available to worldwide users. We employ advanced verification technology to eliminate false alarms. No more waking up at nights just to find out your website or server is running fine.

UnitSpeed Host monitor your websites and servers from a network of worldwide monitoring stations. Besides reducing false alarms, you can also see how well your website or server perform.

With Server Monitoring it is possible to monitor your website / servers every 1, 2, 3, 5, 10 or 15 minutes. It is possible to monitoring following:

  • Ping test
  • URL and dns test
  • FTP (port 21)
  • SSH (port 22)
  • SMTP (port 25)
  • DNS (port 53)
  • HTTP (port 80)
  • POP3 (port 110)
  • IMAP (port 143)
  • HTTPS (port 443)
  • MySQL (port 3306)
  • Monitor any arbitrary service that runs on TCP/IP
  • As well as many other options and solutions.

    Standard features:

  • SMS & Email notification
  • Uptime & performance report
  • Global monitoring locations
  • No software to install
  • Show "Live Status Report" on your website
  • Send reboot request during downtime
  • False alarm elimination
  • You can define (one-time or recurring) maintenance windows so that we pause monitoring during those periods or simply exclude them from uptime reporting. The system can notify you via SMS or email whenever your website or server is in trouble.

    Try server monitoring free 14 days

    Try the system FREE for 14 days and see what the system can do for you or your company.

    Below are some standard packages. Contact UnitSpeed Host Sales if you would like to order, receive an offer for your monitoring needs and if you would like to try the system for 14 days.

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    Package Price per month Setup
    Trial 14 days US$ 0 US$ 0
    2 ports - every 15 minutes US$ 5.50 US$ 5
    4 ports - every 5 minutes US$ 16 US$ 5
    50 SMS to your mobil phone US$ 0 US$ 13.50
    100 SMS to your mobil phone US$ 0 US$ 27

    Above packages are for 12 months payments.

    Note: UnitSpeed Host only allow customers which owns, or has written authorization to use the service from the legal owner of, the URL(s) or IP address(es) to be monitored by UnitSpeed Host.

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