Cloud VPS Servers

VPS (Virtual Private Server)

A VPS (virtual private server) is a flexible, safe and inexpensive alternative to your own Linux or Windows server.

Your VPS is running safely within our cloud where our failover system to ensure that your virtual server is not dependent on a single piece of hardware. Besides a VPS can be scaled so you can purchase exactly the capacity needed.

Cloud Hosting

UnitSpeed Host offers virtual servers from a cloud infrastructure. Cloud hosting is that you buy a flexible bundle of capabilities.

The popularity of cloud hosting is increasing rapidly, especially by the trend to consolidate IT services and the Internet available. Think of software as a service or online desktops. Besides companies want their IT infrastructure even more flexible in those sources.

Flexible Cloud

A cloud infrastructure is designed to allow virtual servers to create, if you want to copy an existing VPS. It is also possible the VPS to increase or decrease size like Ram, HDD etc. Through more efficient use of hardware within a cloud a significant amount of power can be saved.

Redundant Cloud

Within our cloud it does not matter what hardware your virtual server is running. If a VPS server is in trouble our failover system ensure that another machine takes over the work immediately. Your data is not referring to the server itself is safe but on a central SAN (Storage Area Network).

Our network is divided into two-class data centers by their own connections with each other. We use virtualization software Xen. This is an extremely safe and stable virtualization solution.

Redundancy on cluster level

The basic principle of our virtual server clusters is an extremely secure data storage combined with heavy server nodes. The servers can, if necessary, work together to take over.

SAN Storage

Your data is stored on a Storage Area Network. Here are several copies of your data stored on different disks (RAID 6). There are always two raid controlers available to access these drives.

Failover system

The system ensures that your virtual server by another server automatically accepted if the current machine could get into trouble if hardware issue.

Reasons to choose a VPS

  • Server environment - With root privileges and completely separated from others customers.
  • Cheap - The competitively-priced fully redundant virtual servers.
  • Scalable - Add more RAM, CPU or hard drive to your VPS.
  • Secure data storage - All your data is central to a SAN in a RAID 6 configuration so that the chance of data loss from a disk crash is minimal.
  • Failover System - With the failure of a server their is a failover system.
  • Many configuration options - We offer all popular OSes, and control panels for a particular function VPS Optimized Application to images.
  • Xen Virtualization - Your RAM and hard drive are yours and not shared with others.
  • No IO or CPU limits - We apply no limits to IO and CPU cycles to operations. We are simply that there is enough capacity available.
  • How to get started?

    The prices below are examples of a cloud server. Please contact the UnitSpeed Host for prices on a cloud server and solutions that fit your needs.

    Cloud Server is available both as Linux and Windows.

    Linux VPS RAM HDD CPU Bandwidth Basic price / month
    VPS 2 1024 MB 20 GB 1 Core 500 GB US$ 59
    VPS 3 2048 MB 40 GB 2 Core 1000 GB US$ 88

    OS systems: CentOS, Fedora, Debian and Ubuntu.
    Add-on: It is possible to have TurnKey Linux application install like Joomla, Wordpress, Rails, Drupal, Tomcat, Torrent server, Zimbra and many more.

    Windows VPS RAM HDD CPU Bandwidth Basic price / months
    VPS 2 1024 MB 20 GB 1 Core 500 GB US$ 59
    VPS 3 2048 MB 40 GB 2 Core 1000 GB US$ 88

    OS systems: Windows (web, standard og enterprise editions)
    Add-on: MSSQL

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