Shared hosting explanations

Bandwidth / Transfer / Hits

On our Small account you have 10GB. Any outbound traffic from your web site is considered data transfer. Each time a html file, graphic file or any other element on your web page is loaded, data transfer is generated.

Disk Storage

Disk storage refers to the amount of server disk storage your account is allocated. This space is used to store your html files, graphics, audio/video files and all other files that make up your web site.

Domain registration

Register your new domain name within 5 minutes with UnitSpeed Host and at only $14.95 / year.

Email Accounts

Each of our shared hosting packages comes with email accounts in addition to email forwards and aliases. You have the option to retrieve email directly from mailboxes on the mail server using an email program such as Eudora, Outlook or Outlook Express.

Email Aliases / Forwards

Using Email Aliases or forwarders gives you the ability to receive any email at * Specific email addresses that you want to forward out of your domain to another email account can be accomplished through your control panel or by editing your .redirect file within your /home directory. For example you may want to forward all email addressed to to an AOL account such as or another POP3 account on your domain The best part about using aliases or forwards is that the person emailing you never knows the mail is being redirected.

Email Autoresponders

An autoresponder is a pre-determined message with information you want automatically sent to anyone who emails a designated email address/mailbox at your domain.

Spam System

It is possible to have your emails checked for spam. This can be setup from the control panel and also how you would like our system to handle the spam emails.

Mail List

You can create mail lists based on your customers interests. Different solution are in the control panel. This is a great way to cost effectively communicate with your customers through monthly newsletters, sales updates or just a friendly hello.

Personal SMTP Server

You have a personal SMTP mail server on each domain you host with us. This mail server enables you to send mail out through your domain at


WebMail web-based email system allows you to check your email accounts from anywhere in the world using nothing more than your Internet browser.

24 Hour Free Support

You have 24 hour access to our technicians for any support you may need.

99.9% Uptime Guarantee

We guarantee that 99.9% of the time that your web site will be accessible from the internet.

Secure Server (SSL)

Shared hosting accounts are provided with secure server access. Any sensitive information such as credit card information that can be encrypted before transmission through a web browser. SSL will light up the key in your customers browser, greatly increasing customer trust when buying from your site.


You can use different free shopping cards system for your website.

Oscommerce Templates

You are able to use many different oscommerce templates for your shop.


The Microsoft FrontPage web site creation and management tool gives users everything you need to easily create and manage great web sites. You are required to own and install the FrontPage software and on your home system.

Real / WMV

Provide support for RealMedia technology from RealNetworks and WMV to audio and video from your web site. Allows your users to see or hear your multimedia files without having to download them to their local PCs first.

Web Based Control Panel

This is our proprietary web administration system which allows you to perform all aspects of your web site administration. You can add/edit your email redirects and forwards, setup and manage your mailing list and autoresponders, password protect directories and manage the username/password combinations, manage your site (create, edit and upload files to your web space) plus much more.

mySQL Databases

A database is a structured collection of data. It may be anything from a simple shopping list to a picture gallery or the vast amounts of information in a corporate network. To add, access and process data stored in a computer database, you need a database management system such as mySQL. Since computers are very good at handling large amounts of data, database management plays a central role in computing, as stand-alone utilities or as parts of other applications.


Directory setup with special permissions to auto-execute user-defined scripts. CGI is used to accomplish tasks which are not supported by basic HTML such as a hit counter or guest book. You may use this directory to execute any cgi-script you write or ones that are already pre-written for you. The directory is specially designed for scripts and will execute from any directory within your web space.

Pre-Installed CGI-scripts

We offer several pre-written scripts available free for your use.


A control panel which give you access to your mySQL database.

PHP and GD

A server-side, cross-platform, HTML embedded scripting language.

Perl, C, C++, java, Python

Various types of scripting languages / shells that are installed.

SSH - Secure Shell

The industry standard for encrypting terminal connections and file transfer over the Internet.

Password Protected Pages

Protect directories within your web site so that only approved username and password combinations gain access.


Scripting languages that are installed.

Data Source Names (DSN)

We setup an ODBC System DSN (data source name) which points to a Microsoft Access database file within your site. The database file is placed in a data directory outside of the content directory for security purposes.

Cold Fusion

Cold Fusion is a sophisticated scripting language for web developers that want advanced site development and database interfacing. Cold Fusion supports MS Access, dBASE, FoxPro, and Paradox databases. With ColdFusion MX, you can build and deploy powerful web applications and web services with far less training time and fewer lines of code than ASP, PHP, and JSP.

Active Server Pages

ASP (Active Server Pages) is enabled. ASP can be used to create, complex, consumer oriented web applications such as shopping carts and personnel oriented databases. This is usually accomplished in conjunction with MS Access and MS SQL Server.


ASP.NET makes building real world Web applications dramatically easier. ASP.NET server controls enable an HTML-like style of declarative programming that let you build great pages with far less code than with classic ASP.

Microsoft SQL Server

Microsoft SQL server is capable of supporting even the most demanding web applications. Microsoft SQL Server is a robust enterprise-caliber relational database server that is designed for enterprise databases. It is similar to and competes with Oracle and Informix.

Microsoft Access

Microsoft Access comes bundled in Microsoft Office enabling you to connect your database on your PC to update and manage your production database on our servers. Powerful and fully compatible with ASP scripting.


File Transfer Protocol or the method used to upload your web site files to storage space on our network. You have unlimited access to your domain via FTP 24 hours a day to setup, change and manipulate your web site. UnitSpeed Hosts network is compatible with any FTP client you choose to use.

Anonymous FTP

Capability of setting up a public area where anonymous users can upload and download files from your web server.

FTP Manager

Gives you the possibility to use your browser as FTP and manage your FTP.

File Manager

Gives you the possibility to use your browser as FTP and manage your FTP.

Log Manager

Gives you the possibility to see log and stat.

Disk Usage Meter

Lets you view statistics on how many MB of disk storage your web site is utilizing.


This is a very powerful tool for graphically tracking visitors to your site.

Bandwidth Consumption Meter

Lets you view statistics on how many GB of bandwidth your web site is utilizing.

Change Password

You can change your password in the control panel.

File restore

You are able to backup and restore your data from the control panel.

DNS Manager

You can make changes to your DNS for A-records, CNAME and MX.


Need a free, custom site design? Use our proprietary software to make as many custom web sites as you need.

EasySiteWizard Pro

Need a free, custom site design? Use our proprietary software to make as many custom web sites as you need.

Advance Template Manager

Access to many different templates you can use for your website.

Server Hardware

You get true flexibility when you choose a UnitSpeed Host web hosting solution. Our one-of-a-kind cross platform system runs applications in UNIX, Linux and Windows. The system is a server cluster farm with load balancing which provide you with the best service for uptime and reliable service for your domain.

Site / Daya Backups

We backups your sites / data. In the event you lose or corrupt any of your data you may request a restore.

Server Software

UnitSpeed Host cluster server farm with load balacing are running Unix / Linux and Windows.

Network Connectivity

Your web site will be hosted in state-of-the-art data centers which have fully redundant power, air-conditioning and fiber connectivity (DS3, OC3 and OC12). Connections to the Internet thru OC-48 or OC-192 connections for fast and extremely reliable connectivity.

Uninterruptible power with UPS and backup generator

Every server is connected UPS devices and the data centers power is backed by diesel-powered generator ensuring that even during the longest power outages your web server remains online.